Thursday, June 23, 2011

MCX Bullion Trend Today- Gold Silver Trading Range

Technically Golds is likely to remain in bear zone of 22550-22530 initially but a major sell off can be seen if breached the 22530-500 levels and Gold might settle upto 22450-350 levels later. But a consistent trade above 22550-600 levels would negate the intraday bear trend and Gold might catch rally up to 22700-22800.

The intraday trend is seems to be bearish and one can sell Gold August contract below 22550 for the targets of 22500-22480 keeping a stop loss above 22600.

MCX Silver is also looking bearish in intraday charts and can drag down to 53000 levels if breaks the level of 53600. While a trade above 54100 can lift Silver up to 54400-54700 for intraday.


Posted By Commodity MCX Tips