Friday, May 6, 2011

MCX Updates for Copper Nickel and Zinc

MCX Copper Trend

In copper MCX (June) Prices are looking to fall up to 386 level which can be followed by 374-366 levels if copper consistently trades below 401-404 levels. Up Rally could be seen only above the level of 410-412.

In Copper one can Go for sell below 399 Targets- 395-393 SL-405
Buying can be initiated only after 410.

MCX Nickel Levels for today

In MCX Nickel (May) Futures 1070-1066 seems to be good downside support levels which could support Nickel to hold initially abd we could expect a recovery till 1112-22 for Intraday. Below 1066 level it caould fall down to 1030-960.

MCX Zinc Updates-
The downside support for MCX Zinc (May) is seen near 90-91 level and a corrective pullback can be seen till 95.5-99 levels later. Below 90 one can go for sell for the targets of 82-75.


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