Saturday, February 19, 2011

Commodity MCX-NCDEX Tips For Next Week

For the next week in commodity Nickel Can be bullish. Last week we saw Nickel was the only metal which could sustained at higher levels. So For next week in Nickel one should Go for Buy on lower levels strategy if it sustains above 1310 and above 1325 it can touch the level of 1350.

In agri commodity refined Soya can be bearish as we saw in last week refined Soya could not sustain at higher levels so for next week in Refined Soya One Should go for sell on higher level strategy. If it sustain below 640 then below 638 it can touch the level of 633.


Priyanka Sahu said...

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Sofiya Lim said...
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Sofiya Lim said...

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Sofiya Lim said...

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